Music for the Colonization of Mars

by Mars Expedition

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The band, Mars Expedition, consists of four rock musicians and thirty-six orchestral players, most from the Pacific Northwest. This is Sci-Fi Rock, for lack of another term. But, it's not just rock. Some tracks include full symphony orchestra--- this is a movie soundtrack, without the movie. It's a unique form of storytelling, similar to the Prog-Rock bands of 70s-- Yes, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, The Moody Blues, or Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Mars Expedition will release four albums in 2014. These four complete albums tell the history of the first human colony on Mars.

I. "Music for the Colonization of Mars" takes the 175 crew-members of the Erasmus from Earth to Mars, including the first sunrise on Mars.

II. "Mars Colony: Year One" includes the discovery of an ancient Martian civilization, the birth of the first human child on Mars, and the abduction of that child.

III. "Mars Colony: Out-staring the Infinite Emptiness" tells the shocking truth of man's place in the Universe.

IV. "Mars Colony: Propagate the Mystic Art" tells of the near annihilation of the humans on Mars, the peace treaty, the 294-year rule of the Half-Breed King, Darjuna, and the 350th anniversary of the human colony on Mars.


released January 28, 2014



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Mars Expedition Seattle, Washington

Mars Expedition is four rock musicians with orchestral players from the Pacific Northwest. In 2008, all these performers joined astronaut training programs in California, Sweden and Russia, and refreshed their college degrees in various sciences, learning practical skills needed for the colonization of Mars. They left in Jan. All the musicians on this album are currently in orbit around Mars. ... more

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